NOUS 6 - The Worlds Apart Issue

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Image of NOUS 6 - The Worlds Apart Issue

In our sixth issue we will explore how differently mental health issues are dealt with in relation to time, place and society. We want to invite you to reflect, research, tell your tales on issues related to mental illness and everything that comes with it.

Do families speak more openly about their issues today than ten years ago? Did depression even “exist” in the times of our grandparents? What about China, Irak, Brasil, Lithuania? How is people’s perception of their emotions different in the world, in time maybe even in the family next door? This issue of NOUS invites you to tell your stories of how we connect and feel seperated from each other emotionally. How can we build bridges and what blocks our roads?

printed in Manchester; November 2015; 500 copies; p. 180; 147 x 210 mm; includes DIN A4 poster by Graham Wann, and stickers; riso-printed in marine-red, blue, and black

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